Trauma Life Support Malaysia (TLSM) Training of Trainers and Providers National Roadshow 2023

Trauma Life Support Malaysia (TLSM) is a commendable pioneering initiative to enhance trauma care and emergency medical response. The National Committee on Resuscitation Training (NCORT) of the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Malaysian Society for Care of Trauma (MASCOT) jointly developed the Trauma Life Support Malaysia course. TLSM aims at standardising trauma care in Malaysia, ensuring the highest standard of care received by all trauma patients. This module also incorporates a website to ensure educational materials for the programme are readily available to all the healthcare care personnel, hence investing in the development of human capital and resources.
A comprehensive Trauma Life Support Malaysia Training of Trainers and Providers National Roadshow spanning 14 locations across the country has just concluded on the 21st of December 2024. This ambitious endeavour aimed to disseminate vital knowledge and skills to healthcare professionals, fostering a commitment to improving trauma care in Malaysia. A group of core trainers, who started the roadshow with enthusiasm and dedication as experts in trauma care, travelled across the nation to conduct this training programme. The initiative aimed to standardise trauma training across Malaysia, taking into account the country’s diverse healthcare landscape.
Trauma Life Support Malaysia’s training programme includes the most recent evidence-based clinical practice updates. These interactive training sessions focused on equipping healthcare professionals with the latest advancements in trauma care techniques, emphasising the importance of rapid and effective response in critical situations. Participants had the opportunity to engage in simulations replicating real-life trauma scenarios. The training sessions ensured that attendees gained practical skills applicable in emergency situations.
The Trauma Life Support Malaysia National Roadshow received excellent feedback from healthcare professionals who attended the workshops. Participants expressed gratitude for the practical insights gained and highlighted the relevance of the training in their daily practice. Trained healthcare personnel incorporate the newly acquired knowledge into their clinical practice, ensuring a ripple effect that extends beyond the roadshow itself. The initiative successfully fostered a sense of unity among healthcare professionals, reinforcing the importance of collaboration in trauma care.
The Trauma Life Support Malaysia National Roadshow has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the nation’s healthcare landscape. As the Trauma Life Support Malaysia National Roadshow concluded, a total of 919 healthcare personnel were trained, inclusive of 277 trainers, 198 facilitators, and 444 providers. The initiative has laid the foundation for a more resilient and responsive approach to trauma care in Malaysia. The roadshow’s impact is expected to resonate long after its conclusion, with trained healthcare professionals contributing effectively to saving lives in emergency situations.

TLSM Roadshow Montage

TLSM Roadshow Picture Gallery

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